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Neon Chimp is a music and video production business, based in Melbourne, Australia. We have various original projects as well as working on productions for clients. We can also do VHS-DVD transfers and that sort of thing if that is what you're looking for.

Neon Chimp Releases:

Neon Chimp Records artists "The Quagaars" are an intergalactic rock band, combining space grunge and prog punk to create what is known as "The Quagaarian Sound". Their first 2 albums are available on vinyl, while their 3rd is currently only availble digitally (although there will be a vinyl release in the not too distant future). Their 4th album is coming soon so be sure to check the links below for the most up to date Quagaarian information.
The Official Website.
BandCamp Store.

VHS/VHSC/Mini DV to DVD from $20.
LP/Cassette to CD/MP3 from $15.

Video Production Services:
We can produce multi camera, standard definition videos for just about any kind of event. If you are interested, please get in touch.

Contact Information:
Simiana Gray:
P.O. Box 139,
Hampton Park,

0415 487 346.


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