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Welcome to the Neon Chimp website...
Neon Chimp is your one stop shop for DVD Production, Video to DVD Transfer (including VHS to DVD, VHS-C to DVD and MiniDV to DVD), LP to CD, LP to Cassette, Cassette to CD, CD to Cassette, CD to MP3, LP to MP3, Cassette to MP3, Original Music Composition and Recording, Live Event Filming, Video Editing and other related services.

Neon Chimp News:

Neon Chimp Records has released "The Quagaars" ( first album "Dodge City Tombstone" and to promote it, a video for the song "Atomic Rain" which can be seen...RIGHT HERE!!!

Neon Chimp Records - Upcoming Releases
While this may not count as a Neon Chimp Records release, several Neon Chimp Records Artists have had their music featured at recent MPW shows. RETARDIS wrote and performed 'Get Up (Dawn Of Victory)' for MPW's Dawn Of Victory 2008, Daft Vader wrote and performed 'Overkill' for Overkill 2008, Drunken Monkey wrote and performed 'Collision Course' for Collision Course 2008 and Lafftrak wrote and performed "Aftermath" for Aftermath 2008. Osama Bin Liner and The Tali Banned, Peacock Dreams, Rasta The Dread Nosed Reindeer, Whispering Under The Onion Skin, Sikorax, His Monster's Voice and others have all since gone on to record themes for MPW shows.

The Quagaars - Dodge City Tombstone: Vinyl $25 plus postage. Vinyl + CD-R $30 plus postage.

The Quagaars - (As Yet Untitled): To Be Released 2013/14.
Ape Hotel
A new animated series based around the adventures of the staff and guests of the Ape Hotel. The production team is currently hold open casting for voice actors, so if you are interested you can contact them via the myspace page.

50% of all profits made by Ape Hotel products (DVDs, CDs, etc) will go to the GReat Ape Survival Project (GrASP).

The Concert For The Apes
When studying Television Production, one of the first things they told us was "Don't Do Weddings!". However, weddings are something that happen all year, every year, just about anywhere. This means that there is a lot of business out there for people willing to produce wedding DVDs. Neon Chimp Productions offers such a service.

While most production companies who do wedding DVDs mainly want to stick to the traditional services, Neon Chimp Productions is more interested in the slightly more bizarre weddings. Star Wars fans, ever thought of getting married dressed as Chewbacca and Darth Vader? Neon Chimp Productions is THE DVD production service for you. Anything like that fits right in with the Neon Chimp idealism of being a bit weird in an all too normal world. That said, we will also do the more traditional services if required.

UPDATE: Neon Chimp have now produced a wedding DVD and can now offer a preview (see Weddings page).

Corporate functions to birthday parties, concerts to sporting events, there's not much Neon Chimp Productions won't do.
TV Production
Need help shooting a pilot? Want to get your show ready for TV? Have an idea for a TV show but don't know how to get it from in your head to on the screen? Neon Chimp Productions can help.
Original Music
Neon Chimp Productions and Neon Chimp Records provide a wide range of original music. From albums of original songs by bands such as The Quagaars, to incidental music for TV, Film, Stage and Radio productions.
Video Remastering
Just about everyone has VHS tapes lying around these days. Now DVD has become the format of choice for most people, your old VHS tapes just seem to be collecting dust. Neon Chimp Productions can convert your old VHS tapes to DVD so you can enjoy them all over again, and because DVDs don't age the same way VHS tapes do, they will last a lot longer.
LP/Cassette to CD/MP3
While when it comes to pure sound quality nothing beats a great vinyl LP, they aren't the most portable of things. You can't really listen to a record on the bus, but Neon Chimp Productions offers you the next best thing...CD and/or MP3 version of your favourite records. Now you can take your record collection wherever you want without having to cart around huge stacks of vinyl records.

In days gone by, you could turn to audio cassettes, but they were never built to last. That's why we also offer cassette to CD/MP3 services. In some cases, you may only have that precious audio recording on audio cassette. A cassette that could snap or get chewed at any time. By converting the audio to CD or MP3 file, it can last as long as you want.

For those of you that don't own a CD player or for whatever reason CD just isn't the right format for you, we also offer LP/CD/MP3 to Cassette services.

Neon Chimp Artists and Productions:
A Rock Band...of sorts.
Our Official YouTube Channel.

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